Principles of International Insolvency 3

Principles of International Insolvency 3

By Philip Wood


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Date: 31/07/2019

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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The Law and Practice of International Finance series is your definitive guide to international finance. It considers the full range of topics across nine volumes, setting out the law and practice of trading assets on the international markets. This essential work, by one of the leading finance specialists of a generation, provides a simple, unified and distilled account of the whole topic.
This book covers the essential principles of international insolvency from a practical perspective, providing the reader with an in-depth explanation of the core concepts underlying insolvency law and practice. It sits beside volume 2 of the series, which provides a comparative overview of over 300 jurisdictions.

Table of Contents

Part 1: General
1. The Topic
2. World insolvency law in ten pages
3. Policies, causes and effect
4. Historical background
5. Comparison of work-outs, judicial rescues and liquidations
Part 2: Jurisdictions of the World
6. Indicators of insolvency law
7. Legal families of the world
Part 3:  Insolvency Topics
8. Entry criteria for insolvency
9. Stays of creditors
10. Management of insolvency proceedings
11 Claims and the bankruptcy ladder of priorities
12 Bankruptcy ladder of priorities: pari passu and subordinated claims
13 Trusts: policies and reception
14. Classification of trusts and functional equivalents
15 Tests for trusts
16. Non-consensual trusts
17. Tracing of property on insolvency
18. Security interests
19. Enforcement of security interests on insolvency
20. Insolvency set-off
21. Contracts and leases
22. Contracts and leases: jurisdiction examples
23 Assets of the estate and forfeitures (anti-deprivation) 
24. more

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