Piesse -- The Elements of Drafting, 10th Edition

Piesse -- The Elements of Drafting, 10th Edition

By J K Aitken, Peter Butt


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Date: 15/03/2004

Code: 9780455219455

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Piesse - The Elements of Drafting 10th Edition, is a practical drafting guide. Packaged in a convenient sized book, this is a useful resource for practitioners, students and parliamentary drafts people alike.

The 140 page book covers topics such as the use of definitions, constructions and general principles of drafting. Examples are detailed for clarity and where appropriate cases are referred to.

Table of Contents

1.  Basics
2.  General Principles
3.  Sentences and Paragraphs
4.  Arrangement and Order
5.  Definitions
6.  Language
7.  “Shall”
8.  Problems of “And” and “Or”
9.  Various Words and Constructions
10. Drafting Aids
11. Expressions Relating to Time

Table of Contents

  • 1. Basics
  • 2. General principles
  • 3. Sentences and paragraphs
  • 4. Arrangement and order
  • 5. Definitions
  • 6. Language
  • 7. "Shall"
  • 8. Problems of "and" and "or"
  • 9. Various words and constructions
  • 10. Drafting aids
  • 11. Expressions relating to time

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