Law of Guarantees 8e

Law of Guarantees 8e

By Geraldine Andrews QC, Richard Millett QC


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Law of Guarantees covers the full range of legal issues that practitioners will come across when dealing with the law and practice of guarantees and sureties. Through 18 chapters the authors provide detailed analysis of the various statutory and contractual requirements in relation to guarantees combined with expert in-depth commentary on key judicial decisions.

A further 14 precedents and an appendix of key legislative extracts, ensures the Law of Guarantees is the rounded authority every commercial lawyer needs at their fingertips

Table of Contents

Definitions and Characteristics
Contractual Requirements
Formal Requirements
Vitiating Elements in the Contract
The Liability of the Surety
Enforcement of Contracts of Suretyship
Revocation of Contracts of Suretyship
Discharge of the Surety
Rights of the Surety Against the Principal
Rights of the Surety Against the Creditor
Rights of the Surety Against Co-Sureties
Bank Guarantees and Letters of Comfort
International Commerce
Performance Bonds
Consumer Credit Transactions
Landlord and Tenant
Precedents 1 - 12
Appendix Legislation

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