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Date: 01/05/2013

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Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Online Company Directors Manual 41463956 N/A
Online COMPANY DIRECTOR MANUAL 01/05/2013 41520659 N/A
Paper Company Director Manual 10/04/2012 30119255 N/A


The seemingly endless major financial and political uncertainty of recent times demonstrate that there is a continuum of events which has the potential to undermine the viability of organisations. Directors have a duty to ensure that the organisations which they govern are sustainable through disruptive events and create the culture in which business opportunities are chosen wisely.

Organisational sustainability and resilience are the ability and capacity of a corporation to withstand potential significant business interruption and is becoming more important than ever before. Sustainability is not only about being able to respond to a single crisis or setback, but about continuously anticipating and adjusting to trends that can permanently alter the viability of a business.

The Company Director Manual will keep you up to date with the latest legislation and gives Company Directors vital information on best practice, principles, and legal requirements in achieving a sustainable organisation. In addition, the Company Director Manual supports your continuing professional development.

Used as a daily reference tool, the Company Director Manual continues will arm subscribers with all of the information required to undertake the role and responsibilities of a Company Director.

  • Discussion and analysis of the key compliance issues including directors’ duties and responsibilities, financial reporting requirements, taxation, FBT, superannuation, trade practices, employment, OHS and other laws affecting directors.
  • Supported by checklists, flow-charts, decision trees, pro formas, examples and case studies.
  • Access to the Baxt Report, written by industry expert Professor Bob Baxt from Freehills Lawyers.


  • Gives you the knowledge base you need to safeguard your organisation against risk.
  • Supports your continuing professional development, giving you an up-to-date resource that encapsulates the legal and regulatory aspects of a company director’s role.
  • Provides you with the tools to help you put the law into practice in your own organisation.
  • Provides timely analysis of important legal and policy developments in the law that affect Australian corporations.

Features two updates per year.

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