Company Receivers & Administrators eSubscription

Company Receivers & Administrators eSubscription

By James O'Donovan

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Date: 01/03/2014

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Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Company Receivers & Administrators eSubscription

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Company Receivers and Administrators is the essential reference tool for insolvency practitioners, their appointors and their advisers. It provides a thorough analysis of case law and legislation on private and court appointments and discussion of voluntary administration and deeds of company arrangement under Part 5.3A of the Corporations Act. The volatility of case law is well-established with this service. 

Meticulously researched, it provides a practical insight into company receivership and insolvency practice and is the only service exclusively covering company receivership, deeds of company arrangement and voluntary administration with sets of precedents on Company Receivers, Companies under administration and Deeds of Company Arrangement and an appendix on the impact of the Personal Property Securities legislation on chargees and their receivers.

 As time is at a premium for busy litigators and lawyers who practice in insolvency law, commercial law, property law and banking and finance, it is imperative to keep up-to-date with the latest developments,

Further developments  to the online service has been  the introduction of a “Breaking News” feature, which publishes current news including topical discussion papers, up-to-date information on Bills before Parliament and relevant media releases.

Table of Contents

This is a four-volume commentary and legislative extracts looseleaf service which is also available online. The commentary is detailed and comprehensive but written in a clear and easy-to-read style. It provides a thorough analysis of case law and legislation in four main Parts identified by major tabcard markers:
Commentary on Receivers and Managers Appointed out of Court is identified by a tabcard, Private Appointments and is contained in Volume 1.
Commentary on Receivers and Managers Appointed by the Court is identified by a tabcard marker, Court Appointments and is contained in Volume 3.
Commentary on Voluntary Administration is identified by a tabcard marker, Voluntary Administration and is followed by commentary on Deeds of Company Arrangement under Part 5.3A of the Corporations Act 2001 which is identified by a tabcard marker, DOCA, which is contained Volume 4.

Within those Parts there are some 60 chapters grouped together by tabcards identifying the major subjects in each of the Parts as follows:


Introduction (Chapter 1)
Appointment (Chapter 2-7)
Effects (Chapter 8-9)
Powers, Duties and Liabilities (Chapter 10-12)
International with Winding Up (Chapter 13)
Private International Law (Chapter 14)
Termination (Chapters 15-16)



Appointment (Chapters 19-21)
Effects (Chapter 22)
Power, Duties and Liabilities (Chapters 23-27)
Interaction with Winding Up (Chapter 28)
Private International Law (Chapter 29)
Termination (Chapters 30-31).



Appointment of Administrator (Chapter 41)
Effects of the Appointment (Chapters 42-43)
Powers, Duties and Liabilities (Chapter 44)
Second Meeting of Creditors (Chapter 45)
Remuneration and Indemnity (Chapter 46)
Administration termination (Chapter 47)

DOCA Forms and Contents (Chapter 50)
Effects of the DOCA (Chapter 51-52)
Legislative Scheme – DOCA (Chapter 53)
Powers, Duties under DOCA (Chapters 54-54)
Termination of the Deed (Chapter 56)
Transition to winding up (Chapter 57)
Cross-Border Insolvency (Chapter 58)

New Developments (Volume 1)
Reference Materials – Appointments (Precedents, Commonwealth Legislation, ASIC Material and Appendices) (Volume 1)
Reference Materials – VA & DOCA (Precedents, Commonwealth Legislation and Appendices) (Volume 4)

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