Uniform Evidence Law 16th Edition - Book

Uniform Evidence Law 16th Edition - Book

By Stephen Odgers SC


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Uniform Evidence Law 16th Edition provides Australia’s leading guidance on the uniform evidence law for barristers, courts, litigators and students alike. With up to a quarter of the legislative provisions reviewed in the courts annually, it is essential to have a current copy at hand.


Uniform Evidence Law is an annual publication, ensuring customers have the most updated text on the market.

This currency combines with the unchallenged authority of Stephen Odgers’ commentary to provide the premium product on uniform evidence. The affordable price ensures access to this best-value treatment.

NEW TO THE 16th EDITION - Case law and legislative developments are thoroughly considered. High Court judgments referred to include:

  • Consideration of the operation of s.138 with respect to unlawfully obtained evidence, in Kadir v The Queen; Grech v The Queen [2020] HCA 1;
  • Formulation of a suitable direction to the jury regarding the application of s.141, with respect to evidence from an accused, in De Silva v The Queen [2019] HCA 48.

Appellate and lower court judgements have been distilled and incorporated into the work. Key decisions include:

  • Application of the hearsay exception in s.71 with respect to “posts” from a Facebook account, in Stevenson (a Pseudonym) v The Queen [2020] VSCA 27;
  • Application of s.79 to hold that a firearms expert was not permitted to express an opinion that a shotgun cartridge found at the scene of a crime was fired from a particular exhibit shotgun, in Sidaros v The Queen [2020] ACTCA 11;
  • Conflicting views on a trial judge’s gatekeeping role under s 137 regarding the reliability of expert opinion, in Tuite v The Queen [2020] VSCA 318 and Xie v The Queen [2021] NSWCCA 1;
  • Application of the “fundamental common law accusatorial principle” when assessing under s 90 whether it would be “unfair” to admit evidence of an admission, in Sidaros v The Queen [2020] ACTCA 11;
  • Discussion of the application of s.120 (client legal privilege in respect of “unrepresented parties”) in Meadis & Meadis and Ors [2020] FamCAFC 301;
  • Detailed consideration of s.126K (Journalists privilege) in Roberts-Smith v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Limited (No 3) [2020] FCA 2 and Australian Broadcasting Corporation v Kane (No 2) [2020] FCA 133; and
  • Discussion of s.128A (Privilege in respect of self-incrimination - exception for certain orders) in Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Shi [2020] FCAFC 100.

In terms of legislative development, the 16th Edition considers the implementation, across other jurisdictions, of the New South Wales amendments regarding ‘tendency’ and ‘coincidence’ evidence.

With its popular and highly accessible annotated legislation format, and comprehensive commentary, Uniform Evidence Law 16th Edition is the authoritative voice on evidence law in NSW, the Commonwealth, Victoria, Tasmania, the ACT and Northern Territory.

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