Tumbridge's Guide to Legal Qualification: Common Law World

Tumbridge's Guide to Legal Qualification: Common Law World

By James Tumbridge


Price: N/A

Date: 01/09/2010

Code: 9780779828685

Carswell, Canada

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Tumbridge's Guide to Legal Qualification: Common Law World

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Book Tumbridge's Guide to Legal Qualification: Common Law World 01/09/2010 9780779828685 N/A


If you’ve ever considered practising law in another country, stop dreaming and start packing. Now, you can fast-track your move and begin to reap the benefits of overseas experience in our global economy. This one-of-a-kind volume delivers everything you need to smooth your passage into far-off Common Law jurisdictions – anywhere in the world.
Streamline your research with the world’s only guide to all qualifications required in all Common Law jurisdictions
Don’t let the daunting research delay your plans. Now you can learn exactly what you need to do to practise in the destination of your choice – from Antigua to Zimbabwe. Instead of scouring the internet and seeking out advice from distant law societies, simply turn to Tumbridge’s Guide to Legal Qualification: the Common Law World.
Launch a stimulating new chapter in your career
Interested in getting litigation experience in London, England? Find out at a glance what legislation applies, what title is used locally, what admitting authorities you need to contact, what eligibility requirements you need to meet, what additional training you may need to undertake, and much more – including complete contact information for the relevant Professional Association. This book answers questions such as:
  • Is Special Admission status available, and in what circumstances?
  • Might I be eligible for Foreign Legal Consultant status?
  • What citizenship and residency requirements must I meet?
  • What factors affect mobility within the country’s jurisdictions?
Whether you’re looking for temporary experience of permanent residence, you’ll find a handy summary of all the requirements for qualification in the Common Law jurisdiction beckoning you.
Unlock a world of experience
Find clear, succinct, and detailed information on education and practical training requirements
Discover additional rules and laws of admittance at the local level
Make sense of complex local requirements, and learn whether you meet them
Determine whether you can qualify and exactly what steps you need to take
Find out who to contact locally to clear any confusion.
Get comprehensive, current information covering:
  • Every State in Australia
  • Every State in the U.S.
  • Every province in Canada (including the civil law jurisdiction of Quebec)
  • The U.K. (England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)
  • The British Isles and Overseas Territories
  • The Caribbean
  • Hong Kong
  • And every other Common Law jurisdiction in the world.
Jurisdiction: International/Commonwealth

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