Trade Marks in Europe: A Practical Jurisprudence 2e

Trade Marks in Europe: A Practical Jurisprudence 2e

By Professor Spyros M Maniatis, Dimitris Botis


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Date: 30/12/2009

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Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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Trade Marks in Europe: A Practical Jurisprudence examines the trade mark case law of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to provide practitioners with a detailed analysis of the current state of trade mark law in Europe. It shows how a coherent body of law is developing and explains the principles on which this is based.
The new second edition analyses a large number of significant recent cases, such as the O2 and Adidas decisions, and expands the work’s coverage by examining the jurisprudence of the Court of First Instance and Boards of Appeal. It also features new chapters on functionality and on comparative advertising.
  • Shows how to interpret European trade mark law.
  • Provides an in-depth commentary on the trade mark case law of the ECJ.
  • Considers how individual judgments work together or against each other.
  • Traces the long-term evolution of European trade mark law so recent trends are clear for application in client work.
  • Sets the ECJ’s trade mark decisions within the wider context of EC law development.
  • Presents an important EU/US comparative perspective, comparing the contemporary US Supreme Court’s trade mark jurisprudence to that of the ECJ.
  • Analyses important recent decisions and explains their significance in the development of EC trade mark law.
Introduction. Community trade mark law: the Directive and the Regulation. The Court of Justice and the European Communities: the role and interpretative principles and techniques of the Court. Absolute grounds. Relative grounds/scope of protection. Maintaining the registration. Free movement of goods. Competition and trade marks. The spillover effect. The contemporary jurisprudence of the US Supreme Court. Conclusions.
Jurisdiction: UK/EU

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