Torts: Commentary and Materials 12e

Torts: Commentary and Materials 12e

By Carolyn Sappideen, Prue Vines, Penelope Watson


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Date: 23/06/2016

Code: 9780455237848

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Torts: Commentary and Materials 12th edition is one of the leading torts casebooks in Australia. This book provides expert commentary on carefully selected cases and materials from each core area of tort law. Considerable emphasis is placed on the choice of foundational cases as well as on the use of topical examples and questions. Torts: Commentary and Materials includes contemporary and illustrative examples of tort law and contains questions designed to provoke critical analysis while fully engaging the reader.

The 12th edition has been substantially rewritten and reworked to streamline and structure its content to reflect how torts is taught in the majority of Australian universities, in particular the increased emphasis on statute in the modern law of torts. The aim of this book is to place torts within its social and legal structure; including consideration of the role of torts in the protection of rights in the absence of a Bill of Rights.

Of particular note in the 12th edition:

  • An emphasis on the new common law created by the merging of case law and statute as the Civil Liability Acts become entrenched.
  • The introductory context chapter has been further developed to extend and make accessible the theoretical basis of liability in torts.
  • The coverage of nuisance has been substantially revised and restructured.
  • The chapters on duty of care have been further revised to lead the student through this difficult and intricate area of negligence, making the work more accessible to students without sacrificing the detail of this important area of law.

The authors of the new edition are highly regarded scholars of tort law. They bring to the text passion and wisdom from many years of learning and teaching Australian tort law.

Torts: Commentary and Materials, 12th edition, is the ideal work to provide students and professionals with a solid and broad understanding of this dynamic area of law.

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