The Law & Practice of International Finance

The Law & Practice of International Finance

By Philip Wood


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Date: 22/01/2008

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The only all-encompassing guide to the law relating to international finance, this book is based on the author’s university courses, referencing nearly all of the world’s 320 jurisdictions – the first time the topic has been dealt with on such a worldwide comparative basis.
Covering the three principal approaches – the policies of the law, the legal rules and the practical transactions – the book ensures students are presented with doctrine, data and deals, each of which throws light on the other. Students receive a panoramic view of international finance which not only has practitioner-based deals, but also elucidates the law on a global basis without being tied to any single jurisdiction.
Contents include:
  • Introduction to financial law.
  • Jurisdictions of the world.
  • Principles of world insolvency law.
  • Bank term loans and syndicated credits.
  • International bond issues and capital markets.
  • Trusts in financial transactions.
  • Set-off and netting.
  • Payment and securities clearing systems.
  • Security interests and title finance.
  • Special financings: projects, acquisitions, real property, ships, aircraft.
  • Securitisations.
  • Derivatives.
  • Regulation of international finance.
  • Conflict of laws and international finance.
  • Conclusion.
Jurisdiction: International

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