The Law of Public & Utilities Procurement 3rd edition Volume 1

The Law of Public & Utilities Procurement 3rd edition Volume 1


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Date: 18/09/2014

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In early 2014 the EU adopted three new procurement directives. These will introduce numerous and radical changes to the current rules, as well as regulating concession contracts fully for the first time. This edition of the work regarded as 'the bible' on procurement issues provides a detailed explanation of the legal and policy framework for procurement in the EU and UK, including full analysis of how the 2014 directives will change the rules.

This 3rd Edition will publish in two Volumes: Volume 1 detailing the core public sector rules, and Volume 2 covering more specialist areas such as utilities and defence, as well as enforcement and remedies.
  • Deals with every aspect of the EU procurement rules, as well as their implementation in the UK
  • Contains detailed explanations of how the 2014 directives will affect all aspects of the rules
  • Includes full analysis of the “problem areas” in the new directives
  • Looks in depth at procedures for awarding PFI/PPP contracts
  • Offers detailed analysis of "grey" areas of practical importance, such as post-tender negotiations and corrections to tenders
  • Includes extensive advice on the consequences of non-compliance
  • Uses practical examples to show what legal issues mean in practice
  • Extensive new chapter on disclosure of information
  • Includes chapters on framework agreements, competitive dialogue, electronic procurement and information requirements
  • Explains the implications of the latest Court of Justice and UK court decisions

Table of Contents

Contents: Volume 1:
The common law and statutory framework
EU procurement policy and its implementation in national law. Procurement under the TFEU
The public sector rules: who is a contracting authority?
The public sector rules: contracts covered
The public sector rules: open and restricted procedures
The public sector rules: negotiated procedure with a notice
The public sector rules: negotiated procedure without a notice
The public sector rules: competitive dialogue
Framework arrangements
The public sector rules: qualification
Information obligations

Volume 2:
The public sector rules: special procedures
The utilities rules: scope
The utilities rules: award procedures
The EU rules on specifications
Electronic procurement
Industrial, social and environmental concerns in public procurement
Third country relations
Remedies and enforcement
The public sector rules: information provisions
Defence and security procurement

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