The Law of Charity

The Law of Charity


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Date: 12/12/2014

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Law of Charity is a detailed and authoritative commentary on New Zealand’s law of charity and charitable trusts. Juliet Chevalier-Watts, a leading scholar on the subject, draws upon authorities from New Zealand, the Commonwealth and the United States to illustrate the fundamental principles and many of the complexities of the law of charity.
The book begins with chapters on the history of New Zealand charity law and nature of charitable trusts and the concepts of charitable purpose and public benefit. In chapters 3 to 7 Law of Charity goes on to discuss the legal tests that various types of trust must meet in order to be recognised as trusts enjoying charitable status. The final chapter provides a practical and useful guide to the variation and administration of charitable trusts.
In the foreword to Law of Charity, the Honorable Sir Grant Hammond describes the book as a work that will “be of real benefit to lawyers and jurists and also those with an interest in the wider implications of charities law”.

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