The Criminal Codes: Commentary & Materials 7e

The Criminal Codes: Commentary & Materials 7e

By Kelley Burton, Thomas Crofts, Stella Tarrant, Ross Martin, Toby Nisbet


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Date: 28/02/2018

Code: 9780455240190

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA


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Inspection Copy Request

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This seventh edition of The Criminal Codes: Commentary and Materials has been substantially revised to increase overall clarity and to ensure a balanced examination of the criminal law in the “Code” States, Queensland and Western Australia. 
The work has been brought up-to-date in all areas. 

Fundamental principles of the criminal law are illustrated throughout the book by selected extracts from the Codes and case law, while additional materials foster critical reflection on the law and the need for reform.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to code-based law

Chapter 2: Consructing criminal law

Chapter 3: Fatal offences against the person

Chapter 4: Non-fatal, non-sexual offences  offences against the person

Chapter 5: Sexual offences

Chapter 6: Property offences

Chapter 7: Provocation

Chapter 8: Self-defence

Chapter 9: Voluntariness, accident, intention and motive

Chapter 10: Mental impairment

Chapter 11: Mistake

Chapter 12: Attempts

Chapter 13: Conspiracies and parties


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