The Art of the Corporate Deal 2nd ed.

The Art of the Corporate Deal 2nd ed.


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Date: 14/12/2015

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"The Art of the Corporate Deal takes the layperson and experienced deal maker alike through the process of buying or selling a business from start to finish.

Often our clients are surprised by the amount of planning and the number of different steps within the process of a transaction and, although no two deals unfold exactly the same, they all share most or all of the elements discussed by Mr. Lipson in his book.

The Art of the Corporate Deal is a worthwhile and easy read to introduce, or revisit, what will be involved once the decision has been made to pursue a transaction."

Craig Gibson
KPMG Corporate Finance

The Art of the Corporate Deal offers real-world advice to lawyers involved in the deal-making process. Each chapter of this practical, easy-to-use text tackles a specific aspect of the process, providing clear and concise guidance every step of the way. While there may be many references that touch on the various aspects of corporate deals, no other work consolidates all this subject matter into a single work.

This comprehensive practice guide covers the three areas that create the foundation of any deal:

  • Determining the value of the seller's company
  • Achieving the result the client desires through the application of simple negotiating skills
  • Realizing that result in written agreement form by the application of precise drafting skills.

When you order The Art of the Corporate Deal, you will receive as a free bonus, forms on disk - saving you time and effort in creating documents.

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