Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts, 4th Edition

Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts, 4th Edition

By Norman Tobias


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Date: 31/05/2013

Code: 9780779851898

Carswell, Canada


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Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts is a comprehensive resource in the area of Canadian business taxation. It covers the income tax treatment of the most common business organizations in Canada – the corporation, the partnership and the trust. The book begins with an insightful discussion of the interpretation of the Income Tax Act and the "art" of reading the Act. It then analyzes each area of business taxation in turn, always referencing the relevant sections of the Act:

I. Corporations and their Shareholders (Part I, Division B, sections 82-89)
II. Partnerships and their Members (Part I, Division B, sections 96-103)
III. Trusts and their Beneficiaries (Part I, Division B, sections 104-108).

Some of the areas of discussion include:
  • Nature of a partnership
  • Transfers of property to a partnership
  • Partner withdrawal/Partnership dissolution
  • Meaning of a trust
  • Source and character of trust income
  • Deemed disposition rule
  • Contributions to/Distributions from a trust
  • Control and classification of corporations and income
  • Arm's length dealings, associated corporations and the small business deduction
  • Taxation of corporate distributions and appropriations
  • Dividend (surplus) stripping
  • Capital gains stripping
  • Estate planning, affiliated persons and the stop-loss rules
  • Amalgamations and windings-up
    Numerical examples have been provided throughout to clearly illustrate the application of tax concepts with respect to business taxation. The author has clearly noted which provisions of the Act are relevant to each area and has referenced Canada Revenue Agency publications and interpretations, and leading jurisprudence throughout. Critical finding tools have been compiled including a Table of Cases, a Table of Statutes, and a comprehensive Topical Index.

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