Super & Financial Services News Alert (WLAU)

Super & Financial Services News Alert (WLAU)

By Stuart Jones


$1,199.43 RRP

Date: 10/07/2013

Code: 41577809

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Super & Financial Services News Alert (WLAU)

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Available Formats

Format Title Date Code Price
Online Super & Financial Services News Alert (WLAU) 10/07/2013 41577809 $1,199.43
Email Super & Financial Services News Alert Email 14/03/2003 30134976 $1,118.15


Super & Financial Services Alert is a service developed by Thomson Reuters specifically to cover superannuation developments as they happen. It is designed for specialist practitioners who need to keep fully up-to-date with the latest superannuation developments without searching through large quantities of general tax news and information.

Not only does Super & Financial Services Alert deliver to the desktop all important superannuation news more quickly and conveniently than other services, it also contains more detail.
Super & Financial Services Alert reports daily on the latest superannuation and related developments as they occur. Links are included to provide instant access to the full text of important source documents where available.

It covers a broad range of superannuation and related topics flowing from a multitude of agencies, including:

  • cases and appeals
  • new legislation and the progress of legislation
  • Government & Treasury announcements
  • rulings and determinations
  • Tax Office developments
  • APRA/ASIC news
  • Financial Services Regulation issues
  • Self-managed superannuation funds
  • Federal budget information
  • summaries of superannuation press items.

As with the Superannuation & Financial Services Bulletin, except developments are reported daily in a summarised form. Super & Financial Services Alert does not include the practitioner articles included in the Superannuation & Financial Services Bulletin, but does have daily superannuation press items.


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