Skills, Ethics and Values for Legal Practice Second Edition - Book

Skills, Ethics and Values for Legal Practice Second Edition - Book

By Bobette Wolski


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Date: 31/12/2008

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Skills, Ethics and Values for Legal Practice is the second edition of Wolski, Legal Skills: A Practical Guide for Students. The text has been completely revised, with a greater focus on ethics and values.

The second edition assists readers to develop the skills required to interview and advise clients proficiently, conduct legal research, analyse and solve legal problems, write effective and succinct legal letters and documents, negotiate and mediate disputes and litigate a range of matters before a court of law. It also provides indepth analysis of the ethical and professional responsibilities of a practitioner when dealing with clients, the court, opponents and other participants in alternative dispute resolution processes.

Since the last edition, developments in a number of skills areas have necessitated the creation of two new chapters: "Ethics, Values and Professional Responsibilities" and "Mediation and Collaborative Law".

Other enhancements to the completely revised text include:
• Comprehensive references to the ethical dimensions of practice and the new legal professional legislation promulgated in most Australian jurisdictions;
• More in depth coverage of “atypical” client interviews and the moral and ethical dimensions of interviewing;
• New material on the psychological barriers to communication and settlement, drawing on disciplines of discourse analysis, conversation analysis, linguistics, sociology and philosophy;
• Incorporation of new developments in mediation and collaborative law, including: the Law Council of Australia’s “Guidelines for Lawyers in Mediations”; the amendment to pre-filing procedures under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) and the establishment of its Family Dispute Resolution Services Register effective from 1 July 2007; and the National Mediator Accreditation System, which commenced on 1 January 2008; and
• New simulations and exercises for skills development and reflection on the ethical and moral dilemmas involved in legal practice.

This is a comprehensive and stimulating guide to not only the skills, ethics and values necessary for legal practice, but also the theory behind them.

Table of Contents

Ch 1: The Role of Skills, Ethics and Values in Legal Practice
Ch 2: Ethics, Values and Professional Responsibilities
Ch 3: Client Interviewing
Ch 4: Legal Analysis and Problem-Solving
Ch 5: Legal Research
Ch 6: Legal Writing
Ch 7: Dispute Resolution
Ch 8: Negotiation
Ch 9: Mediation and Collaborative Law
Ch 10: Advocacy.

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