Shareholders Rights: Jurisdictional Comparison 2nd edition

Shareholders Rights: Jurisdictional Comparison 2nd edition


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Date: 05/08/2015

Code: 9780414035225

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The new 2nd edition of Shareholders Rights – Jurisdictional Comparisons is the essential reference guide for corporations, financial institutions, legal professionals and investors seeking to understand their rights in foreign ventures. Covering more than 25 major jurisdictions it offers a clear overview of the rights of company shareholders in each jurisdiction, and is structured to allow easy comparisons between countries.

• Covers the law in more than 25 major jurisdictions – including Brazil, China, Russia, India, Switzerland, and the UAE

• Includes contributions from leading local practitioners who are experts in the field

• Offers a well organised starting point for international reference

• Answers the key questions of multinational corporations and international investors

• Sets out the types of limited liability company in each jurisdiction and the rights of shareholders

• Covers meetings of shareholders and voting rights

• Looks at shareholders’ rights versus directors and other corporate bodies in the company

• Deals with topics such as information rights on the company’s business; economic rights and rights over the stock; shareholders’ rights in cases of extraordinary transactions

• Covers shareholders and winding-up

• Uses a reader-friendly Q&A format that enables quick and easy cross-jurisdictional comparisons

• Provides straightforward, practical commentary on each jurisdiction and the respective legal systems

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