Researching and Writing in Law 3rd Edition

Researching and Writing in Law 3rd Edition

By Terry Hutchinson


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Date: 11/02/2010

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The revolution in legal research provides exciting challenges for those exploring and writing about the legal landscape. Cumbersome paper sources have largely been replaced by electronic files and a new range of skills and sources are required to successfully conduct legal research.

Researching and Writing in Law, 3rd Edition is an updated research guide, mapping the developments that have taken place and providing the keys to the fundamental electronic sources of legal research, especially those now available on the web, as well as exploring traditional doctrinal methodologies. Included in this edition are extensive checklists for locating and validating the law in Australia, England, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, India and the European Union.

This third edition includes expanded discussion of the process of formulating a research proposal, writing project abstracts and undertaking a literature review (Chapter 7). Research methodologies are also extensively examined, focusing on the process of doctrinal methodology as well as discussing other useful methodologies, such as Comparative Research and Content Analysis (Chapter 5). Further highlighted are issues surrounding research ethics, including plagiarism and originality, the importance of developing skills in critique, and the influence of current university research environments on postgraduate legal research.

Law students and members of the practising profession aiming to update their research, knowledge and skills will find Researching and Writing in Law, 3rd Edition invaluable.

Editorial Reviews

From: HEARSAY The Journal of the Bar Association of Queensland - Issue 41 May 2010
Reviewed by Matt Black

Dr Terry Hutchinson's Researching and Writing in Law was first published in 2002 and is now in its third edition. The book consists of two parts. Part 1 is called Formulating and Writing Your Legal Research Project. Part 2 is called Checklists for Locating and Validating the Law.
As its name suggests, Part 1 of the book is primarily targeted at those undertaking academic research projects. Earlier editions of the book received good reviews. This edition retains the previously existing helpful material. However, it expands the material on the process of formulating a research proposal, on writing project abstracts and undertaking literature reviews. Dr Hutchinson's discussion of both doctrinal research and social science research methodologies should be useful to those beginning or contemplating a research degree.
Those in practice might also find some aspects of Part 1 beneficial. For example, Chapter 4 provides a useful overview of electronic research techniques for those not already familiar with positional operators and Boolean logic. Chapter 8 deals with “legal writing basics” and, although it certainly addresses the “basics”, the chapter does have useful suggestions and reminders.
Part 2 of Dr Hutchinson's book has a more practical orientation. It contains a series of 16 checklists setting out details of how to find particular types of legal material in the various Australian jurisdictions. It also addresses a number of selected international jurisdictions. The checklists focus on legal material that is available on the internet, noting freely available sources where possible.
The checklists are potentially useful to both students and practitioners. The Queensland checklist will no doubt be familiar but the checklists make it easy to find material quickly in the other States and Territories when the need arises. For example, the checklists provide a quick reference for finding interstate parliamentary documents, legislative histories, and legislative updates.
This book was originally developed out of a postgraduate research unit taught by Dr Hutchinson. It will be of primary interest to students, particularly those undertaking research projects or degrees, but also has some value for practitioners.

Dr Hutchinson's Researching and Writing in Law retails for $92.00 directly from the publisher.
1.       Dr. Hutchinson’s QUT web page may be found here.

Table of Contents

Part I — Formulating and Writing Your Legal Research Project
1 Setting the Scene: Research and Writing in Context
2 Standard Doctrinal Research Methodologies
3 Additional Legal Research Frameworks
4 Basic Electronic Research Techniques
5 Social Science Methodologies for Lawyers
6 Formulating a Research Topic
7 Refining the Topic and Thesis
8 Legal Writing Basics
Part II — Checklists for Locating and Validating the Law
1 General — How Do You Find
2 Australia — How Do You Find
3 Australian Capital Territory — How Do You Find
4 New South Wales — How Do You Find
5 Northern Territory — How Do You Find
6 Queensland — How Do You Find
7 South Australia — How Do You Find
8 Tasmania — How Do You Find
9 Victoria — How Do You Find
10 Western Australia — How Do You Find
11 England — How Do You Find
12 Canada — How Do You Find
13 United States — How Do You Find
14 European Union Law — How Do You Find
15 New Zealand — How Do You Find
16 India — How Do You Find

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