By Raymond Gibson


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Date: 22/02/2017

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Prosecuting is an essential manual for all those involved in the preparation and conduct of a criminal trial whether by jury or judge alone. Authored by Raymond Gibson QC, a leading criminal barrister and Senior Crown Prosecutor for the State of Victoria, Prosecuting draws on his detailed knowledge and skills gained in the prosecution of criminal trials (including cases of murder, sexual offences, fraud, arson, kidnapping and serious drug trafficking) to deliver this compelling publication.


This book provides invaluable guidance on how counsel should go about their task, from initial reading of the brief to the final address and sentencing hearing.


Prosecuting is designed to assist criminal law practitioners, prosecuting bodies, police, legal aid and courts involved in the criminal trial process in all Australian states and territories.


This book will be equally of interest for those who may be experienced in the conducting of a contested criminal case, be it a trial or a summary hearing, and want to read another’s perspective, or, those who have never prosecuted and want to find out how it is done.


From the Foreword by Mark Tedeschi, AM, QC Senior Crown Prosecutor, NSW:


“Ray Gibson is to be commended for the breadth of his coverage and the conciseness of his exposition of the applicable law. If only every Judge’s summing up was as brief and accurate, trials would be much smoother and there would be fewer successful appeals. This book fills a gaping void, so that no prosecutor will have any excuse for saying that there was no guidance in the professional literature. I wish it had been available when I was a young prosecutor.”



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