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Date: 01/02/2017

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"Prosecuting" is a practical manual for the barrister or solicitor on to how to prepare and conduct all aspects of a criminal trial whether by jury or judge alone. Authored by Raymond Gibson QC, a leading criminal lawyer and Senior Crown Prosecutor, this Manual is focused on the skills-based aspects of prosecuting a criminal trial,

"Prosecuting" provides:

  • Practical information required by criminal law practitioners, prosecuting bodies, police, legal aid and courts who are involved in the criminal trial process.
  • Delivers in one publication coverage of details of skills required to undertake a criminal prosecution in all Australian States and Territories

"Prosecuting" includes

  1. Preparing your case
  2. The charges
  3. Conferences with witnesses
  4. Types of Evidence
  5. Opening
  6. Evidence-in-chief & re-examination
  7. Cross-examination
  8. Unfavourable witnesses
  9. The course of the trial
  10. Accomplices
  11. The final address
  12. The police prosecutor in as summary hearing
  13. Ethical duties of the prosecutor
  14. Prosecuting and the sentencing process

Appendix 1 – Case study – Bates

Appendix 2 – The ten commandments of cross-examination by Irving Younger

Appendix 3 – Ten hints on a no-case submission by David Ross QC

Appendix 4 – Supreme Court of Victoria, Expert Witness Code

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