Proof: How to Analyse Evidence in Preparation for Trial 3e eBook

Proof: How to Analyse Evidence in Preparation for Trial 3e eBook

By Andrew Palmer

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Date: 18/12/2014

Code: 9780455244785

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In the preparation of any matter for trial there are two questions which must always be answered: “What must I prove in order to succeed?” and “How am I going to prove that?”

The third edition of Proof includes clear, simple and easy-to-follow methods for organising and analysing evidence and includes an increased focus on the preparation of the defence case. A detailed Appendix provides a step by step analysis of a case and shows the practical application of charting evidence in order to construct the strongest possible case for presentation at trial.

Built on solid theoretical foundations, but with a very practical orientation, Proof guides your approach to the evidence from the moment you become involved in a matter to the delivery of the closing address.

Proof is essential reading for anyone involved in litigation.

Table of Contents


Part A: First Steps 

Preliminaries · Chronologies · Investigation

Part B: Theory and Proof 

Developing a case theory · Proving the theory · Arguing from and about evidence

Part C: Final Preparations 

Analysing for admissibility · Pulling it all together for trial


Appendix: A Sample Analysis




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