Project Finance in Canada

Project Finance in Canada

By Alison Manzer


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Date: 31/07/2016

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Carswell, Canada


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Help your clients take their projects from vision to reality. Project Finance in Canada offers a practical look at financing projects in a variety of sectors – from energy, mining and transportation to film, music, and sports. Drawing on the expertise of professionals from different fields, Project Finance in Canada examines the unique risks involved in major project financing and provides real world solutions for mitigating these risks.

Thorough coverage of project finance fundamentals

You'll get comprehensive coverage of the fundamental issues involved in a project finance transaction, including structuring considerations; construction period roles and participants; timing risk; security and collateral; and diligence requirements.

Project Finance in Canada offers a wealth of best-practice techniques used to allocate, structure and mitigate the risks inherent in financing these projects. You'll find best practices that can be adapted and applied to many different industries as well as industry-specific solutions for financing railways, highways, bridges, sports and entertainment facilities, films, mining, and renewable and large-scale energy.

Real-world examples of expertly drafted precedent clauses

Throughout the book, you'll find practical examples that illustrate the various financing techniques and solutions discussed. These real-world examples include terms and conditions and clauses from agreements used in recent transactions from leading law firms. You'll get a solid starting point for drafting your own project finance documents.

Experience the benefits of Project Finance in Canada

  • Examine your client's project from every angle and achieve the best-possible financing approach and outcome
  • Save time with access to expertly-drafted clauses; terms and conditions; and checklists used in recent transactions
  • Take advantage of project finance insight from experts in a variety of practice areas such as finance, construction, mining, and energy

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