Project Fin  Securitisations Subordinated Debt 2nd Edition

Project Fin Securitisations Subordinated Debt 2nd Edition

By Philip Wood


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Date: 21/06/2007

Code: 9781847032119

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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This volume in The Law and Practice of International Finance Series reviews project finance structures so you know exactly how the agreements should be set up. Project finance contracts and financial agreements are examined, explaining the terms and how to draw up watertight agreements.

Securitisation is surveyed internationally, comparing the world’s key jurisdictions and securitisation documentation is reviewed from a practical perspective.

A global comparative survey of the law of subordinated debt is provided helping you apply the correct legislation and regulations for the case in hand, and making you aware of the differences between jurisdictions. Different classes of subordination agreements are discussed for clarification and use in agreements, while document outlines are provided to assist with structuring your documents to include vital clauses or pertinent information.


Part 1 - Project Finance: Project finance: general principals. Project finance: concessions and contracts. Project finance: sponsors support. Project finance: financial agreements. Project finance: other aspects.
Part 2 – Securitisations: Securitisation: general principals. Documenting a securitisation. True sale requirements. Miscellaneous aspects of securitisations.
Part 3 - Subordinated debt: Subordinated debt: general principles . Other aspects of subordinations. Terms of turnover subordination agreements. Terms of subordinated capital bonds. Subordination document outlines.

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