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Technology in the legal industry has been an increasing topic of discussion on Insight this year. While forcing dramatic change, digital law firm revolution is enabling firms to manage ongoing industry disruption. There is a strong indication that early uptake of technology in law firms will be the key to small firms securing a competitive hold on the future.

So what will a digital law firm look like in 30 years - both from the outside, as players in a transformed market, and on the inside, as innovative work environments? Will small firms survive? And what can they do to prepare themselves for the future of law? Will we inevitably see Lawyers recognise that it will be commonplace for the future consumer to use online tools to manage their general legal needs?

Reflection is a key step when setting out to improve a process, practice or skill. Earlier this year over 130 senior fee-earning legal practitioners took time to do just that, and determine exactly what the Australian legal industry and their own firms could improve to reach their full potential within the industry.

This report presents survey results with commentary from Will Farrier as he draws conclusions on areas Australian law firms place importance on to measure success and best practice.

Legal research is an essential but time-consuming skill that is required of all legal professionals. Finding that all important leading case or authority on a specific legal issue can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. In a survey run by Thomson Reuters in 2013, approximately 78 per cent of respondents said that the time they took to conduct legal research was quicker thanks to legal research technology.

Investing in an up-to-date, efficient and streamlined legal research solution could save your firm significant time and money. In this guide, we explore the fundamental selection criteria to consider and discuss the importance of finding the right research solutions for you and your firm.

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