Softdocs solutions include Lawdocs document organiser, HotDocs document assembly software and pdfDocs industry standard PDFs.

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Lawdocs is an economical and effective 'library' system that allows you to organise precedents, as well as client and general documents.

  • Assemble documents quickly and accurately from precedent templates, including graphical forms
  • Manage your documents in a central database, link them to the relevant matter, and record the creation date, author and staff member who prepared the document
  • Keep a complete paper trail for each matter – save a variety of document types, including emails, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and scanned documents
  • Install as a standalone system or integrate with other ODBC database systems

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With more than 400,000 users worldwide, HotDocs is the world’s leading document assembly software.

  • Hotdocs' intelligent coding system speeds up document generation by asking the user a series of questions and storing this data for future use
  • Eliminate error prone practises such as cut and paste, and search and replace
  • Save time – generate customised documents in minutes
  • Minimise risk – standardise your documents

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pdfDocs allows you to create industry-standard PDFs from any application using a variety of methods.

  • Combine documents into a single PDF document – combine reports, emails, spreadsheets and web pages into a single PDF document that can be edited, redacted, secured and emailed directly from the organiser workspace
  • Produce professional documents – include watermarks, stationery sets, and headers and footers to enhance the look and feel of your document
  • Generate eBriefs and eBooks – convert multiple documents into a single PDF file complete with an interactive table of contents, cross-document bookmarks, links and indexes

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