What is Softdocs?

Softdocs is an automated document production system, which includes more than 6,000 standard legal forms and precedents.

Document automation is the process by which standard letters and documents are combined with specific matter data to quickly produce and reproduce letters and documents for use in all legal matters. Our Softdocs forms and precedents are available as installed software or on Westlaw AU. Speak to your account manager to determine which option is best for you and your firm.

How often are Softdocs forms and precedents updated?

Softdocs forms and precedents are updated on an "as needs" basis. In some circumstances this may mean an increased frequency if legislative change demands. Softdocs updates are generally available on the date the change commences.

How are the Softdocs forms different from the forms I currently have?

The Softdocs forms are different from any Word or PDF forms you currently may have in a number of ways. Softdocs forms present you with an interview screen, asking various questions that are required to complete the form. The results of the interview are then compiled and you are presented with the completed form at the end of the interview.

Softdocs forms also provide you with the option to complete Firm Details the first time you use Softdocs. This information is saved and compiled into the form as part of completion – so you don’t have to spend time completing these details each time.

Can I save a copy of a Softdocs form to my computer for later use?

Once you have completed the interview you will be presented with a screen where you can download the completed document, generally in rtf format. These can be saved to your computer. You are also provided with an Answer file, which you can also save, and upload and reuse, if you wish to make any additions or alterations to your document, without having to redo the entire interview.

Do you currently offer a trial of Softdocs on Westlaw AU?

Yes, we offer a two-week trial of Softdocs suites on Westlaw AU. To find out more, contact your Account Manager or submit an online enquiry form.

What precedent suites does Softdocs offer?

Softdocs has a comprehensive range of precedents which can be viewed on our forms and precedents page.

How many Softdocs suites are available on Westlaw AU?

40 content suites across multiple jurisdictions are currently available, which feature more than 6,000 documents.

Does Softdocs offer training?

Softdocs offers training in a variety of software packages. Visit our training page for more information.

For training on Westlaw AU, please visit the Westlaw AU Training & Support centre.

What hardware is required for the Softdocs installed application?

Cabling should be category 5 with 100Mb network cards, hubs and switches. The minimum requirement for workstations is Pentium P4, 2Ghz with 1Gb RAM.

What software is required?

The Softdocs system utilises Microsoft Word. We support Word 2003 and later versions.

For Westlaw AU system requirements, click here.

Does Softdocs integrate with my practice management system?

The Softdocs installed application supports integration with Infinitylaw, Envision, MatterSphere, Open Practice, LawMaster, Practice Evolve, CaseFlow and LawWare. If you have a practice management system that is not listed here, Softdocs may still be able to be integrated. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can we use our own in-house precedents?

Yes, if you have the installed Softdocs software, your documents can be converted to HotDocs documents to take advantage of the benefits of document assembly. This can be achieved by having one of your staff trained in HotDocs development or allowing us to customise your documents for you.

How do I learn more about Softdocs?

Visit the Softdocs Training & Support centre for more information, such as the How to use Softdocs on Westlaw AU user guide, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete a document.