What is Legal Workflow?

Legal Workflows are procedural schematics supported by the checklists, precedents, flowcharts and decision trees your practice requires to help you conduct legal work more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy peace of mind when supervising and training less experienced staff or use them as a time-saving tool when completing tasks in novel areas of practice. Intuitive and up-to-date, workflows will become a new partner in your firm.

What does Legal Workflow include?

  • Navigation schematics - visual maps of legal processes and procedures that efficiently guide you step by step towards the outcomes your clients require.
  • Interactive tools - supporting checklists, decision trees and flowcharts that provide transparency and consistency in your legal work.
  • Tips and alerts - guidance and supplementary information highlighting areas of obligation and regulation to help minimise risk.
  • Forms and precedents - downloadable templates provided in context for immediate use.
  • Same platform access - related research publications and additional precedents suites also available on Westlaw AU, subject to subscription.

Why Choose Legal Workflow?

Achieve day-to-day efficiency

Whether you are managing high-volume work, coming new to a particular area of practice or supervising more junior members of staff, workflow helps you save time and money. Interactive tools ensure no steps are missed and tasks are accurately completed so you can minimise risk of mistakes and maximise time and cost efficiencies for your business and your clients.

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Manage your reputation and professional risk

Using workflow, experienced practitioners can quickly come up to speed in new areas and junior practitioners can take advantage of insights that more senior colleagues have learned through experience. Workflows guide your team with objective and transparent processes that are easy to follow and minimise opportunity for things to go wrong. Enjoy high levels of client satisfaction and enhanced reputation through your increased capacity to provide consistent and timely service.

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Currency that will keep you agile

With updates throughout the year from experienced practitioners, you can be confident that our workflow reflects the significance of ongoing legislative and regulatory change.

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Day to day workflow and research together on one powerful platform

Seamlessly move between workflows and research and enjoy all the authority, reliability and flexibility of Westlaw AU.

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What is the benefits of Legal Workflow on Westlaw AU?

  • A Next Generation Legal Research platform that is intuitive and easy to use offering features such as Search Filters, Browse, Foldering, Quick Links and more
  • Information that is authoritative, up to date and comprehensive
  • The backing of local authors and editors creating, classifying and annotating content to save you time and money

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