Corporate legal departments face ever-increasing demands on their time and budgets, often tasked with doing more with less.

  • Do you track outside legal work and spend with paper and spreadsheets?
  • Can you easily identify legal projects that are off-track or over budget?
  • Control cost, reduce spend and drive efficient collaboration — all from an intuitive, online interface.

    Legal Tracker is a secure, online workspace that simplifies the collection and organisation of information used by in-house legal teams and outside counsel including documents, matters, e-billing and reporting. Legal Tracker is driving worldwide best practice in over 1000 in-house legal departments globally and transforming the way in-house legal teams operate.

How can your legal department
benefit from Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker?

Proven performance and ROI

Proven performance and ROI

You'll understand why Legal Tracker has a 100% retention rate when you see the cost savings in your department's legal spend firsthand. In-house legal departments often report significant ROI savings within months of implementation.

Reduce external legal spend

Reduce external legal spend

Assess the efficiency of your operations and performance outcomes with real-time reporting providing insights into your department's spend and risk data.

Enhance collaboration with outside counsel

Enhance collaboration with outside counsel

Available free to your outside counsel, Legal Tracker makes matter management, e-billing, and enforcing budget guidelines easy, allowing your corporate legal department to better evaluate and track outside counsel's performance.

Generate reports using powerful performance analytics tools

Generate reports using powerful performance analytics tools

Legal Tracker proves your legal department's value to the C-suite by generating reports using performance analytics that drive better business decisions. Gain access to real-time information such as the volume of pending legal work, spending, status, and results.

What are the main features
of Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker?

Matter management

Track just the information you need, collected at the source and organised for quick retrieval:

  • Use Tracker Dashboard for instant access to every aspect of every matter: every document, every deadline, every update, every email, every invoice, and every person involved
  • Customise information tracked for different types of legal projects, capture developments from outside counsel
  • Track matter outcome, duration, include evaluations on performance and lessons learned

Electronic billing

Process electronic invoices in any format (LEDES, Microsoft® Word, Adobe® PDF) from 100% of your firms – small and large, foreign and domestic:

  • Automatically or manually enforce timekeeper rates, expense compliance, and other billing guidelines
  • Auto-route to preset approvers; add reviewers ad hoc

Contract and document management

Manage all of your documents and contracts online with one collaborative system:

  • Pull documents, files, and emails directly from the desktop or network into Legal Tracker matters
  • Store drafts, notices, correspondence, and amendments
  • Set notifications for key dates and events, such as renewals and deadlines

Budgeting and accruals

Capture spending estimates directly from your firms to better manage budget-to-actual comparisons. Track legal spend by department, time period, or even phase of litigation to easily roll up to internal forecasting and tracking.


Produce reports that analyse budgets and spending, summarise key information, and identify developing trends:

  • Use Report Generator function to access hundreds of reports with easy-to-use filters
  • Benefit from Report Schedular to access automated reporting that runs and emails reports to users as scheduled
  • Create your own reports by saving criteria for quick generation of periodic reports

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"The system is fast to learn. It's really simple, and it's intuitive. We gained a really good,
in-depth, focused view of what the law department was doing, and why."
Brian Sisterman Brian Sisterman, Law Operations, Target

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Download Legal Tracker Factsheet
Legal Tracker Factsheet
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How Legal Tracker solves law department challenges
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