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Trying to keep up with online marketing and don't know where to start? We can offer you a range of marketing solutions tailored to your law firm's needs. From a listing in Australia's leading online legal directory to content writing and social media, we can take care of your marketing needs.

"Having a strong online presence means people can find us when they need us, 24/7"
Maggie Sten Maggie Sten
Principal and Solicitor
George Sten & Co
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FindLaw Advertising

With around 140,000* unique visits each month is not just any directory. FindLaw provides families, individuals and small businesses with comprehensive legal information and reliable assistance. We help people understand their legal needs and focus their lawyer searches. FindLaw Online Advertising puts your firm's expertise in front of people as they learn about the law, ask questions and solve their legal needs - by contacting a lawyer.

*Unique visitors, May 2014

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FindLaw Advertising
Enhanced Listings

Enhanced Listings
Located in FindLaw's Lawyer Directory, Enhanced Listings gives a complete overview of your practice, reinforces your reputation, highlights your expertise and maximises your visibility in front of potential clients.

Top Spots

Top Spots
Providing permanent top placements, Top Spots allow you to target prospective clients by practice area. That means you're one of the first law firms people see as they search for a lawyer.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising
With an advertisement on the Findlaw home page you'll get your brand in front of more than 100,000 qualified people that visit every month searching for legal help.

Connect 4

Track and analyse takeovers and mergers, capital raisings, auditing and accounting practices, corporate governance and compliance.

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Whether you're researching companies, governments, politics, economics, international or domestic markets, NewsRoom provides the content and tools you need. It combines thousands of key newspapers, newswires and business-to-business publications, all presented within Westlaw AU.

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Peer Monitor

Peer Monitor helps law firm leaders run their business based on reliable competitive intelligence. Accurate, real-time financial benchmarks show how a firm is performing against a specific set of peers in critical areas.

"We were lucky to get our practice online fairly early on – back then not many criminal lawyers were promoting themselves that way and we thought it was a good idea. The Thomson Reuters people came in and explained it to us, and worked out what we needed, then came up with a solution that would work for us."
Maggie Sten Maggie Sten, Principal & Solicitor, George Sten & Co
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Free guide Law firm marketing 6 steps to help your firm reach Google's top page Download now

Want to know how to get your law firm noticed in an online space? Digital law firm marketing may sound strange, but the tools of the digital world – blogs, Twitter, iPads, Google and other search strategy – have become intrinsic to how successful law firms get noticed. We have now reached a point where entire reputations are shaped around online activity.

Think about your own personal information discovery preferences. Do you use the Yellow Pages or Google? For industry news and views, do you rely on paper-based media or do you read blogs? If you've gone digital, your customers are likely to have gone digital too.

In this guide, we explore simple to more detailed online law firm markting tactics, you can adopt to help get your legal practice noticed in an online environment!

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