What are law reports?

Law reports are considered a definitive record of judge-made law. Of the thousands of judgments that are delivered each year, a small percentage of these are deemed significant and selected for reporting. Reported decisions, particularly those authorised by the courts, are generally the preferred authorities when citing cases in legal proceedings and scholarly publications.

What set of criteria are used when reviewing judgments for selection?

As originally proposed by UK judge Nathaniel Lindley, the criteria are:

  • All cases which introduce, or appear to introduce, a new principle or a new rule.
  • All cases which materially modify an existing principle or rule.
  • All cases which settle, or materially tend to settle, a question upon which the law is doubtful.
  • All cases which for any reason are peculiarly instructive.

What are the benefits of Thomson Reuters' law reports?

During the production of each law report, Thomson Reuters, its expert external editors, reporters and internal production editors, add the following value to each judgment:

  • Creation of authored-catchwords and a headnote for each case.
  • Verification of legislation and case references in the judgment.
  • Insertion of online links throughout to other cases and FirstPoint.
  • Creation of an index and tables.
  • Proofreading.
  • Styling of the judgment text to ensure consistency and readability.
  • Creation of a facsimile PDF version of the printed report for online subscribers.

How can I find out what Part and Volume has been published in a particular report series?

Click here for a PDF copy of the Table of Contents for each recently published Part in all our reports. You can also register to get updates for when new Parts are published by emailing LTA.Cases@thomsonreuters.com. Simply provide your email and the title of the Report you wish to receive updates.

How much training will we need to use reports on Westlaw AU?

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How can I keep up to date with information that may impact my online subscription?

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How do I find out coverage details for an online product?

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