Drive efficiency and generate more fees with tools that enable you to connect your matters, documents, automated precedents, billing, workflow and client relationships - all from one platform.

Simple and efficient time recording

  • Prominent visibility of a live running clock.
  • When faced with an interruption, pause and start a new timer with a single click.
  • Automatic alerts of client and matter warnings such as bad debt.
  • Drop down list showing only activity codes available for the current record.
  • Time and billing
Time and billing

A simple and efficient time recording process to empower your fee earners to work more effectively

Seamless integration with intelligent legal solutions

  • Direct access to PEXA for settlements, Westlaw for legal research and Softdocs' forms and precedents.
  • Quick links that connect you to day-to-day resources.
  • Integration

Infinitylaw brings together all the tools you use daily under one system

Simplified matter management

  • Link your full electronic correspondence and legal documents to a specific matter and/or client.
  • Workflow tools to keep track of progress, including automatic reminders when tasks are due.
  • Legal templates and up-to-date precedents for fast document creation.
  • Streamline matter management vs Step-by-step workflow guidance
Streamline matter management vs Step-by-step workflow guidance

Streamline matter management vs Step-by-step workflow guidance

Inbuilt business development tool

  • Comprehensive client profiles to help target new growth opportunities.
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools that allow you to map client and contact networks.
  • Marketing templates to help you develop and deliver campaigns.
  • Inbuilt marketing tools
Inbuilt marketing tools

Strengthen your business development capabilities

Executive Information Summary (EIS) dashboard

  • Business intelligence, EIS (Executive Information Summary) and key performance data presented on a dashboard.
  • Performance tracking across firm, team and individual level over a desired date range
  • Measure performance
Measure performance

Executive Information Summaries (EIS) to help you track your firm's performance

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