Streamline your legal operations in a single platform

Optimise and simplify the way your legal department works with HighQ. Our legal operations platform takes the hassle out of contract lifecycles, documents, managing services requests, matters, outside counsel, and more.

HighQ helps you tackle common challenges

Contract management

Maximise value with efficient end-to-end and automated contract lifecycles.

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Legal intake and self-service

Create a clear, consistent process for managing in-house legal requests.

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Document management

Integrate powerful document management capabilities into your business processes.

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Matter management

Stay informed and in control with instant access to accurate matter information and status metrics.

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Vendor management

Collaborate with outside counsel, measure performance and manage relationships in one secure location.

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Team collaboration

Discover a better way to collaborate, communicate, and connect your team.

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Knowledge management

Gain instant, secure access to the information you need to work more intelligently.

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Transaction management

Complete M&A, real estate, and other legal transactions quickly and effectively.

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Document Automation

Automate your document drafting and proof-reading as well as access to compliant forms and precedents.

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DID YOU KNOW? Doc automation has become the most desired solution amongst corporate counsel.* *Thomson Reuters Tech & The Law 2022 report

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