Connect 4’s Takeovers & Mergers database provides an in-depth summary of every takeover and merger of an ASX listed company in Australia from 1997 onwards. Detailed bid information is provided including: bid value; revised bid details; detailed offer descriptions; directors’ recommendations; break fees and takeover results. All in an easy to use and searchable format updated on a weekly basis.

Additional financial details associated with takeover and merger targets are also available:

  • Price/Book Value
  • Earnings Before Interest and Tax (EBIT)
  • Price/Earnings Ratio
  • Share Premium
  • Net Assets per Share
  • Implied Market Value

Connect 4's Takeovers & Mergers database works for you whether you are:

  • Tracking a particular deal
  • Analysing market trends
  • Monitoring competitors or
  • Looking for real examples of deal structures and approaches

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