The Prospectuses database allows easy and flexible access to prospectuses lodged by ASX listed entities wishing to raise capital via IPOs and rights & entitlement issues. Prospectuses are available from 1994 onwards in PDF format and / or exclusive ‘Connect 4 generated’ Word, HTML and Excel files.

The Prospectuses database provides:

  • Prospectuses for all IPOs including hard-to-get withdrawn IPO prospectuses
  • Prospectuses for rights and entitlement issues wanting to raise more than $5 million or more
  • Supplementary prospectuses where lodged
  • Easy identification or searching of prospectuses whose raising status is current, listed or withdrawn
  • Full text and advanced searching capabilities such as phrase searching, exclusion of words/phrases, or any words/phrases
  • Refined searching capabilities through the inclusion of ‘Connect 4 generated’ files and Connect 4 metadata
  • A variety of viewing and downloading options

With access to the Prospectuses database you can:

  • Quickly find precedent IPO, rights and entitlement prospectuses
  • Limit searching to set timeframes by selecting particular years
  • Quickly view and download prospectuses
  • Save time by having the prospectus and any supplementary prospectuses in the one location

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