Case preparation and presentation

Your secure and collaborative end-to-end evidence management solution.

Meet your comprehensive platform for sharing evidence between justice agencies and lawyers for case preparation and courtroom presentation.

Equip yourself and your parties to share evidence seamlessly without the need for costly integrations or replacing legacy systems. With technology powered by CaseLines, be empowered to embrace the true digitisation of evidence management today.

Take back control of your digital evidence

Accelerate and support digital reform 

Rely on a single source of evidence that all parties collaborate on to facilitate effective hearings.

Empower access to justice for parties

Upload evidence via email or SMS, working alongside any video conferencing solution used by the court.

Collaborate seamlessly with multimedia evidence

Integrates with existing digital evidence systems to share, collaborate and present evidence across a range of multimedia.

How it works

Criminal Justice
Easy integration with existing digital evidence management systems to take evidence from crime scene to courtroom.

Court Presentation
A full suite of state-of-the-art tools designed to help counsel present evidence fluently to the court and witnesses.

Discover technology powered by CaseLines

Meet your cloud-based collaboration platform for presenting a single source of evidence for all parties involved.

Play multimedia

Our technology plays all types of evidence securely, so you can view multimedia entirely within the same system.


Enjoy the convenience of using a tablet in court to view evidence. You can also use your stylus to add comments, make updates, and highlight key evidence.

Dual panes

Work from two documents on the screen of a single device in Court. This allows you to add notes to your personal bundle on the right-handside.

Ready to explore digital reform?

Strong collaborative working has brought about some truly significant improvements in the way we deliver justice, to the undoubted benefit of victims, witnesses, defendants, prosecutors, defense representatives, court staff and judges.

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