Principles & Practice of Australian Law 3rd Edition

Principles & Practice of Australian Law 3rd Edition

By Elizabeth Ellis


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Date: 18/12/2012

Code: 9780455230702

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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The third edition of Principles and Practice of Australian Law maintains the emphasis on context and skills as keys to understanding law in its practical operation. Within this framework, the new edition expands and updates existing material by reference to a range of important contemporary issues and cases.

New content includes:

  • Reference to the Australian Human Rights Framework;
  • Recent case law in relation to statutory interpretation, including judicial presumptions and the principle of legality;
  • An expanded section on native title;
  • Key findings of the Report of the Expert Panel on Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution;
  • Information about the draft Legal Profession National Law;
  • An overview of recent reports on access to justice;
  • Further references to animals to illustrate existing material in the context of an area of emerging legal significance; and
  • New and updated questions and activities in relation to topical issues, for example, the continuing debate about the definition of marriage, detention of asylum seekers by the executive arm, recent appointments to the High Court and the use of “new media” in elections.

With its distinctive approach, Principles and Practice of Australian Law, 3rd edition, reinforces its reputation as a relevant and engaging introduction to law.

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