Principles of International Insolvency 2nd Edition: Wood

Principles of International Insolvency 2nd Edition: Wood

By Philip Wood


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Date: 21/06/2007

Code: 9781847032102

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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The first volume in The Law and Practice of International Finance Series, this book goes through every aspect of insolvency proceedings including:

  • Judicial reorganisations and plans
  • Private restructuring agreements and workouts
  • Liquidations
  • The liabilities of corporate directors and lender liability
  • Voidable preferences
  • Priorities, trusts and custodianship
  • The impact of insolvency on contracts and leases
  • Bank insolvencies and state insolvencies
  • Discussion of the conflict of laws on insolvency including the EU Insolvency Regulation and the UNCITRAL Model Law.


Part I – General: Introduction. Comparison of work-outs, judicial rescues and liquidations.
Part 2 – Jurisdictions of the World: Legal families of the world. Indicators of insolvency law. Anglo-American common law jurisdictions. Napoleonic jurisdictions. Roman-Germanic jurisdictions. Other groups of jurisdictions.
Part 3 – Insolvency Topics: Entry criteria for insolvency proceedings; stays on claimants. Management of insolvency proceedings. The bankruptcy ladder of priorities. Bankrupt’s property and trusts, publicity. Non-consensual trusts and tracing. Security interests. Insolvency Set-off. Contracts, leases and forfeitures. Avoidance of preferences. Selected preference laws. Director liability. Shareholder and other third party liability.
Part 4 – Work-outs and reorganisations: Private restructuring agreements (work-outs). Lender Liability. Judicial reorganisation plans.
Part 5 – Special debtors: Bank insolvencies. State insolvency. Insolvency of individuals and other debtors.
Part 6 – Conflict of Laws: Insolvency conflict of laws: introduction and jurisdiction. Recognition of foreign insolvency stays and representatives. Applicable law. EU Insolvency Regulation and bank and insurance directives. UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-border Insolvency.

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