Principles of Employment Law , 4th Edition

Principles of Employment Law , 4th Edition

By Rohan Price, Jennifer Nielsen


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Date: 11/01/2012

Code: 9780455228631

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Principles of Employment Law, 4th Edition is an accessible text for students and practitioners who seek lucid explanation of key topics in this area including identifying employment relationships, the position of contractors and casual employees, duties of employment, enterprise agreements and awards, unfair dismissal and discrimination.

This 4th edition contains new analysis of workplace safety and the changes brought forward by the Fair Work Act 2009 including the current approach to unfair dismissal, the provisions on adverse action, modern awards and National Employment Standards.

Whether used to develop an understanding of the law or as a source of reference, Principles of Employment Law is a reliable, up-to-date and timely exposition of the law which covers both the applicable rules and their contexts in policy and politics.

Table of Contents

Part I Introducing Employment
Chapter 1 Types of Employment
Chapter 2 Issues of Selection and Affiliation
Chapter 3 Identifying Employment
Chapter 4 Contractors and Casual Employees
Chapter 5 Workplace Safety (new chapter)

Part II The Contract of Employment
Chapter 6 Contractual Elements and Claims
Chapter 7 Terms of Employment Contracts
Chapter 8 Duties of Employees
Chapter 9 Fidelity, Trust and Confidence
Chapter 10 Duties of Employers

Part III Statutory Employment Standards
Chapter 11 Standards and Awards
Chapter 12 Enterprise Agreements
Chapter 13 Notice and Termination
Chapter 14 Protecting Employment: Unfair, Unlawful and Adverse Actions
Chapter 15 International Standards

Part IV Discrimination in Employment
Chapter 17 Discrimination in the Workplace
Chapter 18 Grounds of Discrimination and Liability

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