Principles of Civil Procedure in Victoria 2e ebk

Principles of Civil Procedure in Victoria 2e ebk

By Claudio Bozzi

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Date: 12/02/2018

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Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Principles of Civil Procedure in Victoria 2nd edition, comprehensively examines the applicable procedural law governing civil matters in Victoria and is the first specialised text to do so in the light of recent regulatory and legislative changes.

In addition to an analysis of the rules and statutes, the work traces the historical development of procedural institutions, and the policy context in which the rules are applied and operate. The historical and policy backgrounds enable a fuller appreciation of the rationality and purposiveness of the rules that have developed to govern proceedings.

The book will interest teachers and students seeking an explanation of the workings of the procedural mechanism, and practitioners requiring accurate and timely exposulations of the rules and laws of civil proceedings.


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