Principles of Civil Litigation 3e bk

Principles of Civil Litigation 3e bk

By David Bamford


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Date: 01/09/2017

Code: 9780455239071

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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The last 25 years have witnessed major changes in civil procedure in Australia. Some changes, such as case management, have been revolutionary, resulting in a fundamental shift in the way in which the civil justice system works. Other changes have focused on improving the efficacy of the various procedural tools available to parties in the litigation process.

This edition has been updated to include significant developments the previous edition along with completely new chapters on trials. It serves a growing interest in the workings of the civil justice system by providing a better understanding of how civil litigation works today. It helps better understand the functions of procedural tools and it suggests possible directions for the future.

Table of Contents

1.  The Civil Justice System
2.  Commencing Proceedings: Jurisdiction and Parties
3.  Commencing Proceedings: The Practicalities
4.  How Courts Manage Cases and Make Procedural Decisions
5.  Defining the Issues
6.  Pre-trial Termination of Proceedings
7.  Protecting Positions until Trial
8.  Gathering Information
9.  Court Annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution
10. Calderbank Letters and Formal Offers to Settle
11. Trials

12.Litigation Costs
13. Appeals
14. Enforcement of Judgments


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