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Practical Law Australia - Company Law

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Online Practical Law Australia - Corporate Transactions 41947704 N/A
Online Practical Law Australia - Company Law 41947705 N/A
Online Practical Law Australia - Employment 41947703 N/A
Online Practical Law Australia - Commercial 42071891 N/A
Online Practical Law Australia - Dispute Resolution 42071892 N/A
Online Practical Law Australia - Competition and Consumer Protection 42158400 N/A
Online Practical Law Australia - Banking and Finance 42489272 N/A


Practical Law delivers practical legal knowledge and resources to more than 130,000 lawyers from 8,000 firms and in-house legal departments across the globe. We provide legal know-how to the best law firms and companies in the UK, US and beyond.

Practical Law Australia - Company Law provides up-to-date and practical guidance on the core elements of company law, including practical aspects of the formation, structure and business operations of proprietary, public and other types of companies.

Topics covered include company formation, constitutions, share capital, shareholders’ agreements, company administration and meetings, dividends, trusts, execution formalities, company officers, directors duties and corporate governance.

Practice notes provide assistance with understanding these core requirements under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and how to apply the law in practice. Standard documents and clauses provide a basis for completing documentation efficiently, including examples of board minutes, transfer forms, share certificates, consent forms, constitutions and member registers.

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