Prac Man for Trademark Prosecution & Lit in the EU

Prac Man for Trademark Prosecution & Lit in the EU

By Felilx Hauck


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Date: 21/09/2011

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This book brings together in one place all the practical information needed for enforcing a Community trademark in each EU Member State. Setting out the information country-by-country, and structured to mirror the workflow of trademark enforcement, it provides quick, clear reference for those not used to the laws of the country being researched. It is written by trademark attorneys as a practical guide for other trademark attorneys.
  • Goes through the procedure for obtaining and validating a Community Trademark
  • Shows how the trademark laws of the EC Member States have been harmonised, as well as looking at the non-harmonised areas of law
  • Explains the acquisition and validity of trademark rights for each Member State
  • Goes through the options and costs of trademark searches in each country
  • Outlines the proceedings for a trademark application in each of the national registering offices, including costs, scope of examinations, timescales, and remedies in case of refusal
  • Covers the opposition, revocation and judicial proceedings on a national level
  • Sets out strategies in cases of infringement
  • Goes through proceedings for enforcement of trademark infringement claims for each jurisdiction
  • Presents the information on each country in a consistent format aiding comparison.
Introduction. Protection and enforcement of a CTM. Harmonization of the trademark laws of the EC member states. Protection and Enforcement of national trademark rights in the single EC member states. Community trademark, national trademark or both?
Jurisdiction: European Union

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