Nutshell: Legal Theory 3rd edition eBook

Nutshell: Legal Theory 3rd edition eBook

By Jonathan Crowe

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Date: 19/10/2018

Code: 9780455240602

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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The essence of the law...

Lawbook Co. Nutshells are the essential revision tool: they provide a concise outline of the principles for each of the major subject areas within undergraduate law.

Written in clear, straight-forward language, the authors explain the principles, and highlight key cases and legislative provisions for each subject.

Nutshell: Legal Theory is aimed primarily at students encountering legal theory for the first time or seeking a concise summary of the area for revision purposes. The third edition contains a new chapter on critical reasoning. Several other parts of the book have been revised and updated to reflect recent developments, including new suggestions for further reading.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Legal Theory?

Chapter 2: Critical Reasoning (new)

Chapter 3: Classical Natural Law Theories

Chapter 4: Legal Positivism

Chapter 5: Contemporary Natural Law Theories

Chapter 6: Liberalism and the Law

Chapter 7: Critical Legal Theories

Chapter 8: Fundamental Legal Conceptions

Chapter 9: Theories of Adjudication

Chapter 10: Ethical Theories

Chapter 11: Theories of Justice


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