Nutshell Intellectual Property Law 3rd Edition

Nutshell Intellectual Property Law 3rd Edition

By Mark Van Hoorebeek


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Date: 24/04/2009

Code: 9781847031211

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM


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This Nutshell:
  • Presents the essentials of law in clear and straightforward language.
  • Incorporates colour to help distinguish cases and legislation and aid ease of use.
  • Breaks the text down into bite-sized chunks and includes bullets where appropriate to aid navigation, dissemination and retention of information.
  • Opens each chapter with a short introduction to outline the key concepts covered and condense complex and important information.
  • Closes each chapter with a checklist to enable students to check that all the learning needs have been met.
  • Provides a model question with answer plan at the end of each chapter to enable students to fully prepare for both exam and essay questions.
  • Includes diagrams to illustrate difficult concepts.
  • Places important key definitions and statutory provisions in boxes to help highlight the key points to remember.
Patent Law. Breach of Confidence. Trademark law. Passing off. Copyright. Design law.
Jurisdiction: England/Wales

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