NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2018

NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2018


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Date: 26/04/2018

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NSW Civil Procedure Handbook 2018 is the one essential book you need to take to Court. This volume takes selected legislation and commentary from the Thomson Reuters' NSW Civil Practice and Procedure suite  which, under the guidance of The Hon John P Hamilton QC, The Hon Justice Geoff Lindsay, Magistrate Michael Morahan (Acting) and Carol Webster SC, specifically addresses the requirements for practice within the uniform rules framework.

Why? Because it offers you:

  • Portability – you have the convenience of a single volume
  • Currency to 29 March 2018 -  it consolidates the amending legislation and rules since the 2017 edition
  • Essential content selected for relevance, including annotated Civil Procedure Act, Regulation and Rules; annotated Court specific Acts (extracts only) and Rules; unannotated Practice Notes; and evidence legislation
  • Annotations informed by practice – analysis is by practitioners senior in their profession
  • Ease of navigation – extensive table of cases, detailed page headings, shading on the legislation, thumb tabs, and index make it simple to find the content you need.

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Table of Contents

Civil Procedure Act 2005 - annotated
Civil Procedure Regulation 2017
Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 2005 - annotated

Evidence Act 1995
Evidence Regulation 2015
Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Act 2015

Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Regulation 2015

Evidence on Commission Act 1995

Supreme Court Act 1970 – annotated extracts
Supreme Court Rules 1970 (except Sch F-G1)– annotated
Supreme Court (Corporations) Rules 1999 (except Sch 1)
Supreme Court Practice Notes

District Court Act 1973 – annotated extracts
District Court Rules 1973 – annotated
District Court Practice Notes

Local Court Act 2007– annotated extracts
Local Courts Rules 2009 - extracts
Local Court Practice Notes

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