Newsroom with Reuters

Newsroom with Reuters


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Date: 25/04/2012

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Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Newsroom with Reuters

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Whether you’re researching companies, governments, politics, international or domestic markets, or economics, NewsRoom with Reuters provides the content and tools you need.

It combines thousands of key newspapers, newswires and business-to-business publications, all presented within Westlaw AU. This provides a suite of powerful search tools and functionality, including sophisticated deduplication and options for receiving automated updates. NewsRoom offers global news, encompassing business, financial, economic, political and industry content. All regions of the world are covered, including important emerging markets.

To further enhance the NewsRoom coverage, this service now incorporates the renowned Reuters services for unparalleled coverage of business and political news around the world. Reuters is a trusted source used by more than 1,000 key newspapers and publishers, and 450 of the world’s largest news broadcasters. Each year, Reuters is first to report on hundreds of key breakingstories across the globe.

From a single search point, the NewsRoom with Reuters collection provides comprehensive news gathered from thousands of publications around the world, including:
• Major national and international newspapers
• Newswires
• Business and industry publications
• Industry newsletters
• Blogs

Maybe you still like to get ink on your fingers, reading a local or national paper with your morning coffee. But when you need to do serious news research for any purpose, turn to Westlaw AU:

  • Current awareness
    Your awareness of current news developments is integral to your work – people depend on you to be in the know
  • Identifying potential clients and pitching business
    Tap a gold mine of information about people, companies and industries
  • Advising current clients
    Alert current clients to opportunity windows, pitfalls to avoid, and competitive developments
  • For litigation
    Evaluate parties and opponents. Make it easier to find and contact parties, see previous interactions with the law or evaluate public statements
  • Track the competition
    What are your competitors doing/saying that may impact your ability to attract and retain clients
  • Identifying trends that may become legal issues
    Monitor right to privacy, corporate scandals and governance litigation, impacts of the global economy, or M&A activity
  • Fact-finding for litigation
    Find out who said what to whom? Did they say it publicly? Who did what to whom? What is the general state of medical or technical knowledge
  • Globalisation
    NewsRoom includes worldwide news and information from more than 7,000 current international publications and newswires to help keep you current with happenings around the globe. It also has archival content for over 8,000 additonal sources.


Unique Westlaw AU NewsRoom functionality

It’s not enough to have all this information available. You also need the powerful search and retrieve functions for which Westlaw is famous. These features make this large data collection a powerful source of information for your practice and help you find what you need faster, saving time and money for you and your clients.

  • The ability to quickly and accurately find what you want, review it and use it - that’s what we mean by intelligent information.
  • Westlaw Alerts- Provide flexible, customized options to deliver key news results automatically
  • Smart Terms - Industry, subject, location, and company terms used to classify news content and refine search queries.
  • Save your results to user-defined folders for later reference

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