Modern Contract of Guarantee eSubscription

Modern Contract of Guarantee eSubscription

By James O'Donovan, John Phillips

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Date: 07/03/2014

Code: 41634367

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Modern Contract of Guarantee eSubscription

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eSub - ProView Modern Contract of Guarantee eSubscription 07/03/2014 41634367 N/A
Looseleaf Modern Contract of Guarantee 10/09/2012 30127599 N/A
Online Modern Contract of Guarantee Online 21/10/2004 41167473 N/A


A practical guide to a key event in modern commercial practice, Modern Contract of Guarantee covers all aspects of the contract of guarantee, from formation to discharge of liability, and addressing the rights of the parties in detail. Major chapters are Formation and Validity, Liability and Discharge, The Rights of the Parties, and Guarantees in Particular Contexts.

Keeping pace with ongoing developments via regular updates, the service:
  • Examines the meaning of clauses commonly inserted in guarantees
  • Discusses factors affecting the validity of the guarantee, such as duress and undue influence
  • Gives guidance on drafting contracts of guarantee
  • Looks at special principles applicable to guarantees which will lead to the guarantee being discharged
  • Advises on how the lender can guard against discharge of a guarantee
  • Considers problems the lender may have enforcing the guarantee
  • Looks at the rights of guarantors both before and after payment
  • Includes a special “checklist for defending guarantors" which cross-references the more discursive analysis in the main text.

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