Millers Aust Comp&Cons Annot 2018 eBk

Millers Aust Comp&Cons Annot 2018 eBk

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Date: 15/02/2018

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eBook - ProView Millers Aust Comp&Cons Annot 2018 eBk 15/02/2018 9780455500850 $149.00 Add to cart


Celebrating its 40th edition, Miller's provides the full text of the Competition and Consumer Act with Russell Miller's expert insight into how its sections operate.

This 40th edition of Miller is your essential resource for keeping pace with legislative and case law developments in competition and consumer Law. Businesses and advisers need to come to grips with the Competition and Consumer Act as it impacts on various aspects of day to day corporate activity.

Practitioners and businesess will benefit from the updated legislation in this 40th edition, and from Russell Miller's annotation commentary at provision level guiding readers through the meaning of the law withthe benefit of judicial interpreataion of the provisions of the Act. The book also contains related regulations and materials.


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