Marsden: Collisions at Sea 14e

Marsden: Collisions at Sea 14e

By Simon Gault, Steven Hazlewood, Andrew Tettenborn, Edward Cole


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Date: 24/03/2016

Code: 9780414045750

Sweet & Maxwell, UNITED KINGDOM

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Marsden on Collisions at Sea is the undisputed authority in its field. The new edition contains substantial commentary on recent legislation across the board in shipping law from some of the world’s leading shipping law authors and academics. Marsden examines existing and recent case law and regulatory developments, especially the new International Convention on Wrecks, with enhanced coverage of underwater cultural property and treasure, and it will offer greater coverage of international conventions and decisions, as well as the awards system of salvage arbitrators.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Jurisdiction of the English courts 
  • Claimants  
  • Liability in Tort  
  • Regulations for preventing collisions at sea
  • The Collision Regulations annotated
  • Liability in Contract  
  • Liability under statute  
  • Salvage and General Average 
  • Oil Pollution   
  • Defences   
  • Defendants   
  • Causation   
  • The Rule as to division of loss 
  • Damages   
  • Limitation of Liability  
  • Foreign law   
  • Practice and Procedure  
  • Costs    
  • Criminal liability   
  • Shipping Inquiries
  • Appendices

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